Tuesday, January 8, 2019

5 tips for selecting the perfect winter boot!

How many times you have heard this sentence:" If you gets your feet cold you will get sick!", The elders are always right and we should listen to their advice. As we know winter comes with extreme temperatures going below -40 degrees. In order to confront that type of weather we need to prepare yourself starting from the bottom to the top buying some shoes. Here are some really useful tips to help you choose the right one.

Type of the boot

There are 3 main categories of boot to consider what you need.
Hiking boots- These are made for a long distance traveling with a single-layer of insulated material, so they need to be really comfortable and resistant.
Slip-on boots- Designed with no laces this pair is known for its convenience and simplicity. These are made by materials like sheepskin, leather, neoprene and because of the purpose for which they are created they aren't well insulated or climate resistant.
Pac boots- These lightweight, comfortable and warmth boots are made to endure extreme conditions because of its design. It's made up by fusion of the inner boot with great insulation and outer boot with extreme temperature and water resistance.


To endure extreme conditions your boots need to have good insulation made from high-quality material combined with exterior waterproof material in order to hold the heat as much us possible in the boots. Neoprene is the best material for insulation because of its durability and warmth that creates.

Resistance on water

This is so important because of that sentence in the brief that we mentioned:" If you gets your feet cold you will get sick!". In order to prevent that your feet don't get wet the boots need to have that called waterproof-breathable outer design made by waterproof materials: animal leather, neoprene,etc.... Winter hiking boots give the best results.

Weight and height

If you use boots for some sport activities like hiking where you can spend a lot of time on these boots, you need some light pair, but if it is for some 20 minutes activity like shoveling or going to nearby grocery shop you can put on the heavier ones. Also, be aware of a deep snow if you decide on going to places like in the woods or unclear destination you will need to reconsider about picking a pair with long cuff in order to prevent getting snow into the boot. If you need to go through snow in your daily commute to work, narrow calf boots are highly recommended (since they cover the whole foot).

Size and fit

Choosing a right size gives your feet that comfort, warm feeling what makes you happy as well. But choosing a wrong size and fit or, for example, loose fit boots give you that temporary comfortable feeling, but in the long distance walking that feelings fade. Tight fit boots give you that stylish look, but colder feet. Decide what is more important to you and choose the size.

The Winter is a time when we spend more time in our homes. But everyone needs to go out at the part time of the day so you need to have the appropriate gear to fight the snow. There are so many models of boots and i hope you can get help from this information that i gave you here.